The wide selection of Norman® products to fit all your window needs

Custom, handcrafted furniture for windows.  High-quality custom-made shutters at an affordable price.  Choose from four Norman Shutter Collections offering a variety of options for faux and wood shutters.  Available for both standard and specialty shaped windows and applications.  United Supply Company has a dedicated team of Shutter Specialists that provide extensive product knowledge, exceptional customer service, and ensure a confident shutter order process from start to finish.

Norman® Shutters Standard Features

Reinforced Engineered Styles
Multiple layers of wood are bonded together.  The proprietary process strengthens the stile core while providing a lifetime of durability and stability.

Superior Finishing
Includes multiple hand sanding and finishing sequences for a richer and lustrous finish.  In Woodlore®, the polypropylene coating with UV inhibitors resists fading, chipping and peeling while it performs well under UV exposure.

Mortise and Tenon Joinery
Found in heirloom furniture, our mortise and tenon joints will help shutters withstand decades of shear stress and racking forces.

Invisible Tilt
Tilts louvers like magic with no tilt rod at all. The gear driven system is built into each stile, and tilts louvers flawlessly with precision tight control.

Recessed Magnets
Recessed magnets are embedded into each stile to eliminate the gap between the shutter panel and shutter frame, and to create a simple and clean look from any angle.

Decorative Accessories
Decorative Accessories to meet every need, including panel pulls, panel locks and hinges in various finishes.

Prescription Wood Conditioning®
The wood shutter’s moisture level is customized to its final-destination.  The unique drying process helps reduce post-installation shrinking and swelling.

Quarter Sawn Wood Louvers
Quarter sawn louvers have a tighter grain-for more resistance to cupping, twisting and warping.

Environmentally Friendly
The highest grade eco-conscious composite wood, along with sustainably sourced timber.

Safety First
At Norman, product safety is the cornerstone of everything.  As an active participant in the WCMA “Best for Kids” certification program, all Norman window furnishings with the “Best for Kids” designation have been rigorously tested.  All Norman products are free from lead and soluble heavy metals.  They also meet or exceed international standards related to harmful chemicals.

Lifetime Warranty
Dependable and high quality, Norman® window furnishings are covered by a comprehensive warranty for extra peace of mind.