USC offers a variety of Interlinings for draperies. An Interlining adds bulk, drape and privacy, while also increasing a rooms R-value and helping to dampen outside noise.

USC Interlining: Medium-weight interlining weighing 7.5oz per linear yard. Our best selling interlining is sourced with 100% American cotton and manufactured locally in North Carolina. It works well with medium to heavyweight drapery fabrics. Available in Natural and White. Also available as an FR (in Natural only) meeting current NFPA 701 standards.

USC Heavy Flannel Interlining: Also sourced with 100% American cotton and manufactured locally, it is our heaviest regular interlining weighing 11.5 oz per linear yard. Great when extra bulk is needed for medium to lightweight fabrics. Available in Natural and White.

Advantage Interlining and Advantage Heavy Flannel: Both Advantage Interlinings are slightly less weight per yard, and are sourced from overseas. Perfect for adding bulk, while keeping costs down. Available in Natural and White.

Bump Interlinings: Adds drape, privacy and the most bulk of any interlinings.

USC Bump: Traditional woven English Bump weighing 18.9 oz per linear yard. Adds extra bulk to lightweight drapery fabrics like silds or faux silks.

Stitch Bond Bump: A lighter weight bump interlining weighing 14 oz. per linear yard. This bump has an overstitched web producing a bond which reduces stretch and peeling.

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